My friend went on a Mediterranean cruise that included Egypt. Going to Egypt had been her childhood dream. This beautiful and radiant young woman has such a sparkle about her and it was fulfilling to know she achieved her dream travel destination. 5137_1101553346210_1683712_n

What inspired you to travel to Egypt?

It was part of the cruise itinerary. I’ve always dreamed of seeing the pyramids from a very young age. The pyramids are one of the most recognizable and iconic things that you study about as a child. Egyptian culture and history has always fascinated me.5137_1101552586191_8224670_n

What did your trip itinerary involve?

The bus tour from Alexandria to Cairo was a planned tour. We saw the Cairo Museum, the pyramids and a King’s Palace where they served us food in a ballroom.

What excursions or museums do you recommend?

Definitely, the Cairo Museum! It was incredible! —the coolest experience of my life. It was breathtaking. The pyramids were larger than you expected. The museum had the most artifacts of Egyptian culture you could find in one place from caskets to pieces of art.5137_1101553626217_1866232_n

Describe the vibe of the culture.

Cairo was fast paced and busy with 6 lanes of traffic. There were kids trying to sell things in different languages. If you didn’t respond to English, they’d try out other languages in a row. Alexandria had a lot of poverty. Driving through it, we saw the community hospital which was a public hospital for the economically challenged people and a different hospital for the wealthy people.5137_1101554186231_1791520_n-1

How would you describe the terrain?

It was only dessert where we were.5137_1101553386211_164574_n




Describe a custom that you observed there. 

On the cruise, they told us we need to respect the Muslim culture by covering our shoulders and knees so I wore a tee shirt and sweats.


Were there any challenges in getting to your destination?

No. The tour buses were lined up once you got off the cruise ship. It was very organized.

How did this trip enrich your life? Describe any experiences that made you grow spiritually?

It’s a simple as being thankful. I’m grateful that I saw it. After seeing broken down buildings and people on the streets, it makes me thankful for what I have.12141597_2774534729699_5658107272279904372_n

What did you learn about yourself from this trip?

I wish I would’ve looked around more and taken it in, enjoying just standing there in awe rather than being busy taking pictures. From the perspective now (and not then when I was 19), I look back, now that there have been riots, etc and I feel truly blessed that I saw one of the wonders of the world.

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