Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic was a Spring Break destination for my high school senior. It was a mother-son trip in Punta Cana and we were looking forward to the rest and relaxation after a productive high school career. “D.R” as we called it was a gorgeous beach resort trip for us and I’ll always remember how surprisingly warm the water was for March….you could walk right into it!

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This particular trip kept us at the resort instead of venturing off since we were herding teenagers and concerned about safety but we did pick up some cultural nuances. We learned about larimar, the unique stone of Dominican Republic and its healing effects.

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Larimar is an active chakra crystal whose vibration is said to assist with clear communication by helping people express their emotions. It was discovered in 1974 by a man named Miguel Mendez who named the stone after his daughter. He took the first three letters of her name, “Larissa” (Lar) and the local word for “the sea” which is “Mar”. The combination of the two words makes the word “Larimar” and this blue stone is only found in the Dominican Republic. When the stone is closely examined, the colors in it reflect the sea and sky and boasts a strong feminine energy conveying harmony. It attracts spiritual feelings and its higher heart chakra (thymus) is said to yield a vibration that assists people with forgiving others and purging deep emotional pain. Resentment and fear are some of the emotions that larimar is supposed to aid as well. One recommendation is for people to hold a piece of larimar stone close to the area where they are experiencing pain. The energy from doing so helps it work at its highest potential.

There are beliefs that the larimar stone can be helpful in relating and activating a kundalini energy for calming and soothing. Kundalini is an energy which moves up the spine from the base to the crown and it’s associated with “enlightenment.” What I found particularly fascinating is that the latter is associated with the serpent that legend says dwells at the base of the spine.

Barcelo Bavarro Palace Deluxe was the hotel we stayed at in Punta Cana.

warm water and sandy beaches
                    warm water and sandy beaches
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