Dingle Peninsula in Ireland

Ireland is non-stop visual beauty. The people are as colorful as the countryside. From the moment we flew over the 40 shades of green pastures, we were in love. Each destination in Ireland we went to was fetching but Dingle Peninsula was mystical.


The drive to Dingle was as pleasant for my husband as it was to reach the destination. Arriving there was the kind of experience when every family member getting out of the rental car simply gasped. There’s no other way to say it than it takes your breath away. We’ve never heard waves crash like that. Seagulls were so close to us, they looked us in the eye.IMG_1579As we explored, I thought about what happened here in history. I could visualize Viking longships sailing across these waters. Just as I felt at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, we were on the edge of the world….the northereast corner of the European continent.We did not want to stop taking pictures—it was that gorgeous. The panoramic view of sandstone, cliffs, bluest waters and green grass is peaceful but also powerful with the sounds of the crashing waves and the vast sense of a force of nature. IMG_3503In the nearby town of Dingle, we strolled through the streets of the idyllic town and stopped to rest and eat seafood. You cannot go to Ireland without making a day trip to Dingle Peninsula. Being on the edge of the world like that saturates your senses. After enjoying the urban charm of the cities of Ireland, this natural destination will provide a fulfilling break and treat you to the wonders of Celtic beauty!IMG_1587www.dingle-peninsula.ie/home/the-dingle-peninsula-6-000-years-of-history.html

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