A Dance Seminar in Icaria

My sister attended a Greek dance seminar on the island of Icaria. I describe Icaria on another article posted on this blog. This will be a continuation of the interview I conducted on her experience there.

Caves Bay Hotel patio
Cavos Bay Hotel patio


What was the structure of your day like?

–We began with breakfast at the hotel. People from all over the world were at this dance seminar. Lessons started at 10:00 a.m and lasted until 2:30. Then we had a break and resumed at 5:30-8 pm. The program was so well organized!

Who attended?

–There were people there from all over the world; Australians, Europeans, Asia Minor, Chios,  etc..

What dances did you learn?

–We learned dances from Samos, Asia Minor, Icariotika and even the Carcilama from Imvros. (Imvros is the island our mother’s parents were from. It’s located in Asia Minor; closer to Turkey than to Greece).

What was your instructor like?

–Christiana Katsarou was the coordinator of this program. She is multilingual, teaches Ancient Greek and also an intensive Greek language immersion course that lasts 1-2 weeks.  She had instructors there from Asia Minor, Icaria, Crete, Chios… She also teaches singing.


Describe the dances:

–There was an Asia Minor dance where we learned how to play hand-held wooden spoons. We danced the Carcilama from Imvros. There was also a song where you played shot glasses (clinking them together with your fingers). On another song, we used finger cymbals.

Would you go back?

–Yes. It was an 8 hour ferry ride from the port of Piraeus to the island but there is also an airport you can fly into.

Where did you stay?

–Cavos Bay Hotel which is a hotel on the beach and we ate our meals outside on the balcony/patio.



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