Dad’s tips on traveling


A Dad’s Perspective on Family Travel:

Airline points- using points to purchase at least some of your flights will help reduce costs.

start saving when your youngest is a baby (or before) so that when they turn 6 years old, you have your $ saved up

Research different credit cards and see what card builds up a large point balance quickly.

Get your passports in order. There are ways to expedite this process if you’ve run out of time but it’s expensive and inconvenient.

inventory your luggage; does it need updating?

familiarize yourself with the international travel signs (b/c driving in a foreign country can be stressful)

international drivers license? They just wanted my state license upon rental

take your own tea bags if you’re a tea drinker. You can’t always find your favorite brands overseas.

the car models are different: Vauxhall (car). You don’t know if you’re going to get a big, medium, car…Ford Modella (long ago)—

get your euros from your bank in America if you like to carry cash. Otherwise, use your ATM card b/c you’ll get a good exchange rate. Traveler’s cheques are not very popular anymore

approx $_____ a day for a family of 5 for lodging, food and souveneirs. Figure this budget out ahead of time if you can.

A family of 4 or less is drastically cheaper b/c you can fit in one room and don’t need a villa.

Cabs—in Greece, for example, only take 4 passengers.

Backpack-– water bottles, cameras, shopping bags, fit in overhead bin. VS. fanny pack

Pharmacy—Bactroban, fever blister meds,–are good medicines to purchase in pharmacies abroad b/c they’re cheaper.

Melatonin–helpful natural supplement for aiding sleep

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