Corfu Coves and Coastlines

Corfu is an idyllic Greek island in the Ionian Sea. It’s diverse, picturesque and has beaches that you see in your dream! For years, I have heard recommendations to go there. An excerpt from my travel journal reminded me about our reaction to first arriving there:  “My husband was so excited about the Corfu coastline—not realizing what a huge island it is. We are so close to Italy and Albania. You can see Albania on a clear day.

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We drove to Paleokastritsa which I had been reading about. It’s an area with secluded coves and water sports and I knew the guys wanted to scuba dive since they are newly certified in it. My husband loved the countryside—rustic and mountainous and I found it unspoiled and full of flowers, blooms, and foliage…..very lush.” When we found the Hotel Fiorita, I looked up the steep hill to find a studio apts./villas with white and blue lacquered shutters, doors and trim and the most fuchsia bougainvillea  spilling all over the balconies. Tropical plants and bushes landscaped around a tree in a planter box and little purple martins flying under the ceiling of their taverna on the property. Heavenly! ” DSCF1218 In Corfu town, we went to the church of St. Spyridon which houses his relics. We happened to arrive right as a christening was happening. In the Greek Orthodox religion, we call it a baptism. IMG_1567What a beautiful church to have a baptism in! How meaningful it will be for that infant to look back on his or her baptismal photos one day and know the significance of this church. The afternoons on the cove were perfect! There was light rainfall which upset me at first but it dried up quickly and the sunshine was a welcome sight. Of course, it’s the rainfall that contributes to the lushness of Corfu! IMG_1624Going into town for dinner was the end to a perfect day. The restaurant we went to, which makes my mouth water just thinking about it, was called Neraida. I believe that means “mermaid.”

waiters smashing plates at a taverna
waiters smashing plates at NERAIDA

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