Corfu, Greece

Corfu is an island on the Ionian side of Greece. It is also referred to as Kerkyra. The lushness of Corfu comes from rainfall that happens on this island which is rare for a Greek island. Most Greek islands are rocky and barren. I found Corfu to be as lush as Hawaii. The flavor of the island was Italianate and Venetian since it is so close to Italy. We loved Paleokastritsa area and its  magnificent beach. IMG_1472 IMG_1606 IMG_1626 IMG_1695

The caves on the Paleokastritsa beach were breathtaking. We rented a boat and sailed through them. DSCF1275 DSCF1299 Seeing fish this way was fun for the boys. The colors on the rocks of the caves were stunning.     The villages we drove through the mountainside were darling! Our villa in Paleokastritsa was called Villa Fiorita and the bougainvillea was front and center on this picturesque scene.

           click on villa DSCF1218 Every morning, I’d make Nescafe in a vriki (a copper coffee carafe) and some tea for my husband and we’d sit outside on the balcony while our sons slept in. This gave us time to caffeinate and journalize about the events of the past day while it was still fresh in our minds. I did all the writing and my husband helped fill in the blanks. It’s a great way to stretch out the vacation by being present in the moment and cognitively strengthening and embracing our experiences. Lakones was one particularly colorful and quaint village where we saw people just sitting outside, quietly and peacefully, enjoying the night.IMG_1719

The evening dinners were not just delicious, but an opportunity for entertainment, too! The waiters were also dancers who dazzled us with the dance tricks we had never seen before. Corfu is a must-see for Greek islands!

waiters dancing on tables on top of fire
waiters dancing on tables on top of fire




  • Achilleon Palace
  • St. Spyridon Church–houses the body and relics of the saint
  • Corfu town– many kumquat products




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