Communication made easier!

Keeping in touch with people back home or on your trip has been made easier lately by new technology. I have tried different methods on this….international phone plans for just the duration of my trips, etc..or communicating for free via Facebook email. On some trips, I paid to use the hotel computers/internet or waited to use texts on free wifi. A new “app” I’ve downloaded on my phone for free communicating is called Viber.  I first learned about Viber on a group trip to the Dominican Republic. Everyone could text or call each other through our Viber app. It automatically imports your contacts’ cell phone numbers. I liked being able to send a text through Viber that the recipient could read later.

Tripit is another tool that I’ve seen people use. Tripit keeps your travel plans organized in one place. It even finds alternate flights. Other apps that I want to learn more about are: World Mate, TripCase and Kayak.

I like all of these in addition to my good old travel itinerary booklet. You can never be too organized, especially during international travel when you’re in different time zones and don’t always have internet, etc.

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