City Market in Kansas City

Kansas City is one of my favorite American cities for many reasons. There are so many highlights to list but my absolute favorite place in KC is the historic City Market! I found it by accident several years ago. We were looking for another building and then we feasted our eyes on the market! IMG_7114Now, we never miss a chance to visit the city market when we are in Kansas City. The market has produce, food, teas, spices, desserts, pastries, sauces, delis from numerous ethnicities. IMG_7127Brazilian! Arabic! French, Italian, Caribbean, and so many more. You can eat fast food, take away food or just sit to eat and enjoy the musicians. There’s a coconut drink stand where they cut open a coconut and stick a straw in it. There’s a beautiful florals market, gift items, and honey stands. I bought bee pollen there.


My husband likes to get fresh octopus straight out of a barrel in Carollo’s which is an Italian deli. There’s chorizo, sausages, pastas, olives, etc…

IMG_7131 I load up on canned dolmathes for dinner parties back home. Stuffed zucchinis in a can make great gifts. My sons like bags of almonds and wasabi peas from the nut section at  Al Habashi (my favorite store). The people there are so friendly and my sons are impressed that he adds up your ticket by hand!

There’s a great coffee house with an upstairs balcony seating area. This is also a great stop for gifts–bags of coffee and coffee and tea accessories.
IMG_7118When you’re done with strolling and shopping, you run right into a big flea market! Tables and tables of vintage items. I always find something I have to buy!IMG_7136There is usually a big inflatable slide/jump house for kids to be entertained with while you shop. The best entertainment, however, are the musicians! We were fascinated by a musician who set up a one-man band on his body!- harmonica, cymbals, drums, guitar, etc, all rigged together all over him. He let us take his picture and pose with him, too.

 It’s a nice way to exit the market—all of your senses are engaged—the smells of the market, the tastes of the food, the sights of the flea market and the sounds of good music!

© Gina Michalopulos Kingsley

photos by Gina Michalopulos Kingsley

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