Belgium Quiz

Fill in the blank:

  1. The square in Brussels, Belgium is referred to as the “most IMG_2430__________________square in Europe” because of its buildings’ ornate grandeur.
  2. The capital of Belgium is:_____________________
  3. Belgium is located between the countries of:_____________________, ___________________, ____________________ and _________________.
  4. Belgium is known for it’s Belgian _________________.

Word Bank: Brussels     waffles        medieval        France    Germany                 Luxembourg           Netherlands

True or False:

The only language spoken in Belgium is German:______

There are over 800 kinds of beers in Belgium:_______

The colors of the Belgium flag are red, black and yellow:______

Belgium is one of the largest countries in Europe:______

Writing: Write a sentence or paragraph about the architectural details of the Grand Palace in Brussel’s medieval square.

© Gina Michalopulos Kingsley

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