Battery Tour—STAR POWER!

From inside the KC City Market, I heard electrifying music outside. Dancing along to this energetic group, I went out onto their gathering place to watch three talented men entertaining a crowd of people. Their laptop deejay station, microphones and dance moves created the most fun I’ve had on a weekend morning.IMG_9097

From one addictive hit song to another, the energy kept going. Young and old joined in to copy the dance moves of the tall, svelte dancers. IMG_9103IMG_9098I learned that Battery is a unique show which is described as the biggest grassroots movement in America. It brings the music to the people in an interactive setting. One of the members, “AY” is a producer, writer, rapper, singer/songwriter who has opened for several entertainers and was on the X Factor. Zeus is a dancer  and  singer.  His fellow band members describe him as “good at getting people involved”. Christian is a lead singer, artist and dancer.  Check out their website to learn  the musical acts AY has opened for in concerts. The guys found each other on the KC plaza by one inviting the other to come up to the microphone to  do his thing. Christian had come back from Bourbon Street in New Orleans when he went to AY’s show and started singing. They explained that their show resonates with millennials  while not alienating other generations. The goal is to get everyone involved. IMG_9131We were hypnotized by their energy and uninhibitedness. After all, this was a weekend morning —not an evening performance. The fact that so many of us were drawn to participate (while shopping at the Farmer’s Market) tells you something about their vibe! I joined along with the choreography, too! Their format  is described as “a mobile energy system which powers the show without the constraints of electricity.” That may be true, but I’ll tell you the energy of the people was ELECTRIC! Dancing along with them (below), I remembered how primal the urge is to dance!IMG_9140Their shows are free and they take donations. I found out later that Battery Tour. com had been performing on the KC Country Club Plaza earlier that weekend and when I looked up their schedule, I noticed they were on their way to Lawrence, KS.IMG_9114I am definitely going to check out their shows again in the future. I recommend hiring them for an event—this would be a successful, enigmatic and unique experience!


article and photos by Gina Kingsley

They are available for private events, corporate events, weddings, deejay and live performance.

@ batterytour and #batterytour as well as the Battery Tour Facebook page are ways you can connect to them.


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    1. Molly, they’re going to be on the plaza on May 21, Sat. We will have to plan to see them together another time after that. Go check them out.

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