Bahamas— so nice! As newlyweds, it was a popular destination during the 90’s…. Once for spring break and once for a national convention that we attended with other family members. Bahamas has a great variety of adventure, relaxation and culture. Depending on where your resort is, you may find certain parts of Nassau pedestrian, while other places require a bus trip to reach a town Both times, we enjoyed one of our favorite Bahamian traditions—conch! Conch fritters, conch salad and cracked conch. The Poop Deck was a romantic restaurant setting for us after a long day of being on the beach. It was nice to dress up and go into town and dine in candlelight. th-17The casinos were a definite draw and highlight of our getaway as was the music of the steel drum bands everywhere. The Bahamian people are so nice and I recommend taking a bus into the city center to see the local 2

photo One adventure my husband and I tried was taking out a catamaran. We didn’t really have the experience required to do this on our own and it was risky. We got caught far out on the water and nervously tried to make our way back. At the time, luckily, I did not know my husband, “the captain” was nervous and I just sat and enjoyed the sea breeze. To this day, it is still a story he tells with trepidation. If you are going to do the catamaran, know what you are getting into! photo 4On our second trip there, we did a banana boat–a fun water ride that 5 people can fit on–a long tube that looks like a banana pulled by a speedboat. That was exhilarating too and much safer than the catamaran. The Booze Cruise was a tale in itself. Glass Bottom boats are a great way to enjoy the view and relax. Getting ON the water is something I’ll always

Atlantis is a huge attraction to the Bahamas and has been a vacation destination for many of our friends.

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