Austria and Lichtenstein

We drove into Austria and Lichtenstein in our rental car while staying in Switzerland. Strolling around a town in Austria (Schlossberg?), shopping and eating was relaxing after spending energetic days on the Alps hiking and doing the alpine ride.

We had quite a bit of schnitzel in Switzerland and the boys were ready for some other cuisine. I think we even had sushi in one of those countries which seemed funny to us, too. Schnitzel is a boneless meat that is tenderized, breaded and fried. . The pastries and bakeries were a welcome sight when we craved a snack and energy boost from all the adventure and hiking! IMG_4452

The view of the Alps is really that grand and the air is so clean and crisp, you get mesmerized taking it all in.IMG_4394 I didn’t realize, until this trip, that the Alps are the highest mountain range covering the large area all entirely within Europe. The Alps border the following 8 countries: Lichtenstein, Austria, Slovenia, France, Germany, Italy, Monaco and Switzerland. Try this arts and crafts project to tie in a unit about mountain ranges.


Time should be built in to see any of the following in Salzburg:

  • Sound of Music Tour in Salzburg
  • Ice Caves and Austrian Lakes
  • Bavarian Mountains and Salt-Mines Tour from Salzburg

Follow this lesson plan to build trip itineraries with your family:

Educational Family Travel Planning

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