Antiques–a walk down memory lane

The sight of antiques can release a flood of memories and emotions of times gone by. You may have had certain items in your home similar to the ones I see at antique stores, vintage shops and flea markets. Seeing antiques and vintage items ties us to our history and might remind you of certain loved ones.  I was happy to see people still hung onto their ancestors’ shaving brushes!IMG_9066Old cash registers are fascinating to me. I remember using an old typewriter as a pretend cash register when I played “grocery store” with my best friends.IMG_9068

IMG_9062There’s nothing like a good book set and the smell of the pages inside.IMG_9077Vintage luggage has been a popular decor item for decades, now. Who would ever want to throw out vintage luggage? They are so durable and handsome! We had some exactly like this!trttefer2wqnfrc2z3a_thumb_13516

IMG_9071 I like admiring old machinery…. like this fabulous radio.IMG_9074Of course, the vintage dresses are so stunning. IMG_9070And the coral tone of this one jumped out at me.IMG_9069Crystal decanters never go out of style, it seems.ahbr2abiqtc9kc07udmba_thumb_134fcA displayed collection of vintage toy trucks was very eye-catching. unadjustednonraw_thumb_13506Some of my favorite collectibles are antique typewriters. I found one recently in my childhood home that I played with for years. I keep finding great ones here and there. Wow—technology has come a long way.IMG_9061The most interesting part of “antiquing”, for me, is discovering how collectors acquire their items. Vintage and antique store owners have told me the methods they use to procure antiques and it varies from city to city. I love a good walk down memory lane!

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