An enthronement in Argentina

My brother’s family went to Argentina in the early 2000’s for the enthronement of Metropolitan Tarasios Anton (of Buenos Aires ) of the South American archdiocese. Tarasios of Buenos Aires It was a long flight to Argentina from the heartland of America….but for such a significant event! I interviewed my brother about this event that he attended with my wonderful nephews and dynamic sister in law. My brother ( the smartest person I know) shared his trip details with me. This kind and compassionate history-lover  is typically very loquacious but condensed his information into this concise interview.

  Why is it called an “enthronement”? How long was the service?

He was already ordained as a bishop so the enthronement is his placement at his cathedral. The service was 1.5 hours.

What did you see and learn that you never saw before?

It was all in Greek. I had never seen a bishop’s enthronement; only ordinations.

What is Argentina like? The “Paris of South America”, as they say?

Absolutely, yes….very European. It has the widest boulevard in the world.  9 de Julio Avenue.

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What sightseeing did you do?

We took a tour of the city. The itinerary of the enthronement ceremonies kept us busy, though. We saw a tango dinner show. They served lots of beef. We went to Eva Peron’s grave to pay tribute to it. There are soldiers standing guard over it.


Describe the physical features of Buenos Aires, Argentina

 It’s a very European city set up in an American grid pattern and a beautiful city with a moderate climate. It was very urban where we stayed…and sprawling.3860377744_1de6eabd24_z

 Click on this touching video of Metropolitan Tarasios with Pope Francis, discussing their friendship and the importance of theological dialogue .


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