Amber Fort in Jaipur, India

The Amber Fort in Jaipur is an incredible place full of history, beauty and Indian customs. The energy from the moment we arrived was contagious. The excitement started with an elephant ride up the hill to the fort. The salesmen chasing us and yelling out prices of their items startled my teenage son but I told him to focus on the view.The tour of the fort was packed with knowledge and details. We were mesmerized with the architecture and the stories of the residents of the fort. We turned a corner and found a delightful duo of snake charmers!
IMG_6249 …and local ladies in their vibrant attire who loved to pose for pictures. Being at the fort and participating in the customs of the snake charmers and the elephant ride made me feel like we were touching history. The amber tone of the fort had a regal aura to it.  IMG_6212photos by Gina Kingsley

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