Agriturismo is the new word for a special concept in traveling—agricultural tourism. We’ve done it several times now and it is one of the ways I incorporated my sons’ interests into our travel itineraries. Being an outdoorsy family with an agricultural flair back home, we especially enjoy getting a taste of this on our trips. One of my sons in particular has always loved animals and nature more than most kids. Enjoying nature, animals and plants in foreign environments and climates is educational and adventurous because you get to learn new recipes and engage into the cultural life of that area.


Locanda Rosati
Locanda Rosati

The cooking class we took at Locanda Rosati in Orvieto took 3 hours and  it was as fun as it was informative. Click villa:

We drank wine while we cooked and took notes and photos. There was a kitchen full of cooks and the environment was so friendly. The dinner was served later in the evening to the other villa guests and that made an impression on our sons to know that their parents were involved in the process.


Besides following a cooking demonstration, there are other ways to get involved with the agriturismo process. Depending on which organic farm you stay at, you can be part of the farm to table experience in different ways. These photos are from various agriturismo villas we’ve stayed at:

  • milk the goats (served later to us as milk, ice cream…)
  • have wild boar served for dinner
  • collect fresh eggs (also used for breakfast)
  • go fishing and have it served for dinner
    felt like a kid again!--with the animals...
    felt like a kid again!–with the animals…
    our dinner that showcased all the meals we learned how to make at the cooking class
    our dinner that showcased all the meals we learned how to make at the cooking class


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