A Moroccan market

The Moroccan market we went to in Tangier was exciting! We entered a place that combined Mediterranean, Arabic, Berber and Andalusian flavors. A short ferry ride away from Spain, Morocco was an instant exotic world of its own unique styles, customs, cuisines and history. The Moroccan market was special because of the vivid colors, smells and activity. IMG_4107

We learned about a herbal tea mixtures, their own versions of “Moroccan oil”, and marveled at the spice market.


The hustle bustle of the market was enthralling to be a part of as well as observing the crowds.IMG_4108.JPGThe meal we had at Popeye’s Mediterranean Ristorante Popular was incredible and it was the first time we had eaten Moroccan food so I was excited to contemplate making Moroccan food once I was back home. Learning about Moroccan spices was brand new information for me. Ras el hanout is a mixture of spices used in many tagine recipes.

spices at a Moroccan market
spices at a Moroccan market

Spice markets and farmers markets are some of my favorite places and activities. I think back to the time I was a child and went with my grandfather or dad to the Mecca Coffee shop in my hometown. When we walked in, we were immediately hit with the smell of coffee beans. It was strong, pleasant, pungent and powerful. I feel the same way about spice markets–you walk into a display of amazing products! The Moroccan market had  nuts, fruits and vegetables, etc. IMG_2585

Besides the market, there is also the Cave of Hercules, riding  camels, shopping at the bazaar,  touring the city, seeing the outside of  the palace and so much more. IMG_2536



Morocco is full of culture, history and fascinating geographical features. Here is a video showing the preparation of getting ready to sell at the market. The villagers, Berbers, etc…come down from the Rif mountains with their produce. The market we went to was in the port town of Tangier within walls, paths and buildings.IMG_2581

Click on link below to read about tagines and see a spice mixture recipe for Ras-el-hanout.


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